Jacquie Sinclair, RMT

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort and looking for relief? Massage Therapy relieves pain. A Registered Massage Therapist can help speed your recovery by using effective and relaxing techniques designed specifically to ease pain.

Regular Massage Therapy helps maintain and improve overall health and function.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I focus on you and provide quality patient-centered care tailored to meet your needs. I treat a variety of ailments and symptoms to help you: ease your pain, heal, restore and maintain optimal physical function and mobility—to get you back to feeling good. I’m committed to helping you get lasting relief by not just treating your symptoms but getting to the root cause of your problem.

My 30 years of extensive experience allow me to assess and treat your sport and lifestyle injuries, motor vehicle and work-related injuries, and help you recover after surgery.

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Injuries I treat include:

  • Sport injuries
  • Neck and back pain
  • Joint sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Pain control and relaxation
  • Rehabilitation following fractures and surgery
  • Postural dysfunction and muscle imbalances
  • Whiplash
  • Abnormal gait biomechanics
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff problems, tennis and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, patellofemoral pain, IT band friction syndrome, skier’s, and goal keeper’s thumb
  • Alleviation of stress, headaches and tension pain
Man with trapezoid muscle pain

I do postural analysis to try and correct muscular imbalances. Manual therapy techniques involving joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation are used to aide in helping with pain control and recovery of normal movement.

Woman with back and shoulder pain

If you are preparing for a race or sporting event, I offer pre-event and post-event Sports Massage Therapy services.

My commitment is to help you get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. With extensive experience in assessing and treating sport and lifestyle injuries, motor vehicle and work-related injuries, I’m able to help you recover fully and enjoy your active life.


Massage Therapy treatments I provide include:

  • Trigger point release
  • Deep tissue sports massage
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Stretching
  • Cranial sacral techniques
  • Pre-natal and post-natal massage

Frequently asked questions

You do not need a referral to see a Registered Massage Therapist as a private patient or if you are on MSP Premium Assistance. However, some extended health plans require you to have a referral as a condition of reimbursement. Check with your extended carrier as each carrier and plan is different.

  • Doctor’s referral (if you have one)
  • Care card number
  • Bring in your benefits card with your id/plan number (see below for exceptions to direct billing)
  • Shorts if you are being treated for a back, hip, knee, ankle or foot problem
  • WCB Patients: Dr. referral, claim number, case manager’s name and number
  • ICBC Patients: Dr. referral, claim number, adjuster’s name and number, lawyer’s name and number (if you have one)
  • DVA Patients: Dr. referral, your ID or Health Identification Card number
  • RCMP Patients: Dr. referral, your Health identification number, Unit/Detachment info and Division info.

New patients should complete an online intake form prior to their first clinic appointment. 

Please arrive at least five minutes early on your first visit to fill out the consent form. You will complete the consent form at the beginning of the first appointment, before treatment starts, and potentially again during subsequent appointments if necessary.

Massage Therapy appointments will last the time requested at booking.

In most cases, yes. While we have a great health care system in BC, there are coverage limits for Massage Therapy.

Private payers and those using extended health plans are required to pay at the time of treatment.

I can direct-bill most extended health insurers, but there may still be a co-payment depending on how much your specific plan covers, and the maximums set by the insurer.

About me

Jacquie is a native Vancouverite with 30 years massage experience in treating sports injuries, work-related injuries, and car accident trauma. She is a 1993 graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. 

Her massage career began at the YMCA Sport Medicine clinic where she worked for 13 years. For the last 16 years, Jacquie has practiced in a multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Vancouver, which she opened and co-owned since 2007. 

Jacquie is excited about this new opportunity to live and work in our Commercial drive community. Beginning in March 2023, she started at Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic. Jacquie looks forward to being a part of your wellness journey with both existing loyal clients and new clients.

Jacquie has taken many continuing education courses over the years to remain current with today’s massage therapy standards including:

She incorporates techniques she has learned when applicable. 

Her primary treatment style is targeted deep pressure trigger point release with deep Swedish massage, stretching, muscle energy technique, and occasionally cranial sacral therapy. These techniques result in relief from chronic pain related to injuries.

Jacquie has a well-rounded personality with many diverse interests. Her love for sports goes back to when she was both a competitive and recreational athlete in swimming, skiing, curling, goal ball, and track and field.successfully

Jacquie Sinclair headshot

Jacquie Sinclair, RMT

Jacquie works alongside her 2-year-old yellow lab working guide dog named Gratitude. They both respectfully ask that you understand that Gratitude is also working while she is in the clinic and that you not engage with her while you are together in the treatment room. She is very good and lies on her rug most of the time, with the occasional stretch and reposition. It will be hard to resist her because she is a beautiful sweet girl; however, it is important to remember that Gratitude’s primary purpose is to insure Jacquie’s safety. Gratitude really likes to make friends which could ultimately jeopardize both of them in their travels. Thank you from both of them.

My clients say ...

Reviews from some of my awesome clients …

I have been going to Jacquie for the past decade for good reason. Not only is she brilliant at what she does, she is empathetic in her approach and a great conversationalist (if you are in the mood) to boot. I first started seeing her when I was training for a marathon in Vancouver. Ever since then, I have moved to three different cities and I have yet to find an RMT who is able to work out my nooks and crannies like she does. I’ve scoured the streets of Toronto and NYC, but I find myself going back to Jacquie’s caring hands. Under her care, be prepared to really work on those muscles and you will be hitting personal bests like I did in no time.

“I have been truly fortunate to have had a 25+ year relationship with my RMT, Jacquie Sinclair. During that time, I have been beyond impressed by the depth and breadth of Jacquie’s knowledge and her diagnostic and deep-tissue massage skills. Not only has she kept me moving through years of long distance running and other sports endeavours, but she has also helped me with injuries related to long hours of computer/office work. I am still amazed at how she put me at ease at the very beginning and that she remembers all the conversations we have had over the years. She’s the best!”

Another happy client of Jacquie's. Didn't have high hopes since all else had pretty much failed. I couldn't even associate the discomfort to anything since it was embedded so deeply in my arm. Jacquie's experience to pinpoint the issue was amazing. Will definitely be going back whenever I have issues and would highly recommend to others.

Contact Me

For your convenience, my Registered Massage Therapy services are offered at the well-established Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic in the Commercial Drive area.

I am excited about this new opportunity to live and work in our Commercial drive community. 

I’m looking forward to being a part of your wellness journey with both existing and new clients.

Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic has been serving East Vancouver since 1993. 

2555 Commercial Dr #203, Vancouver, BC V5N 4C2

+1 604 879-9400

Book a 45 or 60 minute massage appointment: https://trikinetic.janeapp.com/

NOTE: To book a 75 or 90 minute appointment:

1. Book a 60 minute appointment online

2. Contact Jacquie using the contact me form in this section to request a 15 or 30 minute appointment add-on.

Trikinetic Contact Form: https://www.trikinetic.ca/form/

Trikinetic Massage Therapy Clinic is located near East Broadway and Commercial Drive

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